Samia Ahmed



Assalamu alay kum, my name is Samia Ahmed and I am the founder of Blossoming Believers. I believe that children learn and grow based on positive experiences. To access creative Islamic material is pivotal to their understanding. I passionately feel we need to be in tune with their developing young minds as they want fun and excitement as they learn.  I want children to be aware and develop life skills as these are crucial to their personal social and development. 


I have been involved in Education for the past 20 years through a variety of roles. I have been extensively involved in Utrujj foundation and learning with Shaykh Haytham Tamim, who has been a source of personal inspiration for me. I have also had the experience of teaching in an independent primary school where I discovered the beauty of children and their pure hearts.  I have worked for Islamic Relief and worked closely with DIFD as well as other interfaith charities. Iv'e produced educational materials, delivered assemblies and co-written publications for schools and charities.


I have a Masters in Islamic Studies and more practically been under the teaching of my authentic Islamic spiritual teacher Shaykh Haytham Tamim.  I am also a freelance speaker and writer on topics pertaining to women in Islam. I live in London with my husband and two children. Blossoming Believers is my most recent venture where I hope to continue the passion of writing.

Blossoming Believers



 I have written , edited and produced materials for children when I worked for Islamic Relief. However, it was never something I thought I could turn into a project like Blossoming Believers and develop further. Since turning my passion into this project, I am constantly exploring new genres and ideas. It’s incredibly hard work, but I’m never happier than when I’m sitting down at my desk putting the opening words to a new book or story on paper for children. After having two children's books published many years ago and my wide ranging  experience in Education,   I realised I had something valuable to share with the world. I wanted to produce books for children where they can develop life skills based upon Islamic teachings. 


Blossoming Believers is the name given to a small Islamic group I teach on Saturdays. The name is inspired by the notion that children will blossom and grow into healthy adults with the hope they follow the true teachings of Islam and at the same time attain important life skills to see them through.  I wanted to make Islam simple for children as well as relevant so they can face modern day challenges. 

There are many other life skills which children which I hope children can learn from these books and resources which are all rooted from Islamic thinking. Some of the life skills include showing empathy, being self assured, resilient, determined, flexible, curious, and many more.