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A book is a companion

Why was the first title on this website

The Belly of The Whale?

There are so many titles to choose from. Children love animals and sea creatures and there is something fascinating about the sea and the underworld. I also feel that it's all good and well to read about the stories of the Prophets, but do children really learn lessons from the stories? Children absorb behaviour from the adults around them but they are also greatly influenced by the company they keep. Books can be companions for our children and they need to build a rapport with the book they are reading. They may learn to give, cry, laugh and display a whole host of other emotions through reading. So books are great way to offer insight and influence to the way we want our children to think. I believe that if we can give our children the tools for life from the meaningful stories in The Qur'an, then they can use and apply them throughout their life, whether it be through the calm or stormy seas they encounter. InshAllah with the right influences, they will be able to make good choices and decisions which will give them success. They need to access these tools for life and know how to use them of course! So lets make sure our children have the right reading companions!


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