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I'm disappointed!

Children need help to train their minds to think positively when they encounter any challenges or disappointments. Feeling disappointed is a natural emotion but how those emotions are dispelled and turned into a positive mindset can be challenging for parents. Often children find articulating their thoughts and feelings difficult and that is where pen and paper are a marvel! They can express their inner thoughts by drawing out or writing out what they feel. A framework to support them to achieve this can be very useful. So we need to train our children not to expunge the feelings of disappointment but give them a way  to deal and manage that dissapointment. Often we can draw parallels from the Qur'an, which is full of examples through the timeless stories of The Prophets. They  faced numerous disappointments yet continued their plight or mission and there was always a good reason why things didn't happen at a certain time.  Meanwhile we can provide children some simple tools to relay their feelings onto paper. Being grateful and looking at all the good things we have in our life is a way to counteract feelings of disappointment as well as understanding that sometimes things don't go the way we want because Allah Knows what is Best for us. He has a full view of the whole picture ahead. To dispel those negative emotions and keeping us feeling positive we need to train our mind to find those things we are happy about in our life and can't imagine life without. Perhaps children will over time learn to see that feeling disappointed is fine and can learn to manage those feelings with a positive and grateful mindset.

'Drawing is a great way to express inner feelings and thoughts.'
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