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Below is the complete selection of titles. It’s far from what I would like to write but it's a start. Inshallah more resources will follow soon. Watch this space! 

Blossoming Collection

Keep a look out for new titles!

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Living in Lockdown

May, 2020

This account is a narration by sweet Khadijah who retells her day to day story of life in lockdown. She speaks about her perception of masks, coronavirus and celebrating Eid with family online. 



(Recommended age range 4-7 year olds)

July 2020

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The Real Sacrifice

Khadijah learns the significance of Eid Al Adha and understands the importance of giving up what you love for others.

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A little book of BIG advice

January, 2021

Bilal needs some support from mum as he faces some day to day challenges in his world. With a twist of humour, this short book looks at developing life skills. Mum provides her words of wisdom!


Recommended age

7- 11 years

December 2021

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A retell of Maryam and Isa peace be upon them and the lessons we can draw from their lives. View on YouTube!

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The story of Prophet Yunus

May, 2020

This sweet tale encourages young readers to learn great and deep lessons from the story of Prophet Yunus. Children are prompted to think, reflect and ponder as Khadijah takes them through this journey. With beautiful illlustrations and follow up activities.

(Recommeded age range 4-7 year olds)

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Bilal's day out at the seaside

May, 2003

A story book about a boy named Bilal who ventures out to the beach, this is a nice tale. "Bilal is a special boy who has many different interests. One of Bilal's hobbies includes discovering different creatures and exploring the creation of Allah. 


Bilal's day out to the Botanical Gardens

May, 2005

Children will read along as Bilal and his cousin Umar experience the thrill and beauty of the Botanical Gardens. This story will show kids the beauty of Allah’s nature and will help them learn to remember Allah in their daily lives. The aim of this book is to teach children how to appreciate the creation of Allah.